About us

Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier (English Stafford) Luna is a very energetic dog. She pulls us on our mountain bikes through the woods of Gelderland and also likes to come running, cycling or swimming. She also has sufficient energy to endlessly chase after a ball. Every energetic Staffordshire Bull Terrier loves games and needs to be challenged, otherwise she will get bored soon. Despite everything we undertook with Luna we noticed sometimes that we couldn’t always suffice her energetic needs during our busy working lives.

That’s why we went looking for a way to challenge Luna, without walking, swimming or cycling for hours every day. We gathered a lot of advice and read a lot. A treadmill turned out to be the perfect solution. However, during our search for a qualitative dog treadmill we quickly noticed the high costs, long delivery times and most importantly questioned our value for money. Out of love for Luna we thought this needed to change and therefore: Dogmills.nl

After months of building, tinkering and testing we produced a perfect prototype, which we subsequently took into production ourselves. The result is a true Dutch quality product! Due to our Dutch production we can deliver a dog treadmill within a week without sacrificing quality.

Luna loves our Dogmills treadmill and enjoys it several times a week.