Dogmills Pullbar


Dogmills Pullbar

  • Safe
  • Solid
  • Easy to (de)assemble
  • The only dog pullbar which enables the dog to pull a bike

Besides walking your dog nothing is more fun than going out cycling with your dog! Is your dog unable to follow you during your walks or is he pulling the line because the pace is too slow? Then cycling with your dog with a pullbar for dogs might be a perfect work-out for you and your dog.

Of course you want to take your dog out in a safe and responsible way. You can do this with a pullbar for dogs, so the dog will stay in the right, safe position when you cycle together.

The Pullbar of Dogmills is a firm, lightweight frame which you can easily attach to your bicycle. Where you attach it is dependent on the size of your dog and if this is done with a collar or harness. There is a mounting eye at the end of the frame which comes with a line with a karabiner.

The dog pullbar of Dogmills, unlike all other bicycle bars available, is the only bar which the dog is actually allowed and encouraged to pull on.

This method of dog sport stems from the sport bikejoring. With bikejoring the dog pulls in front of the bicycle, which is only safe in an area where there is no other traffic. Because the pullbar of Dogmills allows dogs to pull safely beside the bicycle, it is perfect for use in every area with other road users. The dog preferably wears a harness or a non-skidding collar. Beforehand you determine the position of the pullbar on the bicycle and the distance from the line to the harness or collar. This ensures that the dog won’t be able to get between the spokes and that you can keep both your hands on the handlebar.


  • Always make sure that your dog is in a safe position so that he cannot hurt himself while cycling.
  • Let your dog relieve itself before you go cycling. It’s inconvenient when your dog suddenly jumps in the bushes because it needs to pee.
  • For a first time first calmly take a walk with your bike in hand
  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times. If it is too much for him, stop immediately

The Dogmills Pullbar only costs € 49 and comes with free shipping!

Suitable for:

  • Teaching to walk beside a bike
  • Building stamina/ muscle strength
  • Suitable to cycle with multiple dogs

Let op:

  • The correct, safe position of the dog beside the bike
  • The ground on which you cycle (concerning the damaging of paws
  • The right temperature and distance
  • Sufficient water for the dog

Mounting Pullbar:

Decide where you want to mount the Pullbar to the bicycle frame depending on the size of your dog, the length of the line and the position of the harness or collar.

  1. First mount the black clasp together with the the two bolts and square plates to the bicycle frame
  2. Use the accompanying rubber for this
  3. Slide the Pullbar across the two square plates
  4. Alternately tighten the two bolts to firmly secure the Pullbar
  5. Attach the black finishing cap