Dogmills Stacking box


  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Adjustable back plateau
  • Non-slip bottom and top

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Present your dog in a perfect position.

With the easily and quickly adjustable stackingbox of Dogmills you can perfectly stack your dog for a podium finish in any show! The frame is made of lightweight aluminium and the back plateau is easily adjustable in order to determine the perfect position.

The Dogmills stackboxes are completed with a non-slip layer on the top where the dogs’ feet are positioned, which is available in two options, with curvature or a flat non-slip layer.

The stackingbox is available in several sizes, only from € 135,-!

Dogmills stacking box with dog
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Small 30×40 cm € 135
Medium 70×50 cm € 160
Large 100×50 cm € 185
Extra large 120×50 cm € 200