Dogmills treadmill Flyer


The Dogmills Flyer treadmill, the first treadmill for dogs you can mount on the wall! Made in Holland, delivery from stock and including a 12 month guarantee.


Complete your Dogmill with one of these options

This model of Dogmills is very suitable if you don’t want to be bothered by the space which a treadmill can take up. This Dogmills Flyer can in fact be mounted on the wall.

With the easily included suspension frame you can mount the treadmill wherever you like.

Many of our customers mount the Flyer above the bench, an ideal spot to optimally use the space in your house and still possess a high quality dog treadmill.

This treadmill for dogs includes fastening materials. The suspension frame is mounted to the wall using 4 large bolts, subsequently you can slide the entire treadmill on the suspension frame and secure it with 2 firm connectors.

The bracket (the part where the dog is pulling) is also attached to the wall at the desired height using 2 firm bolts. The bracket can be easily adjusted in height using 1 connector.

Our newest Dogmill of course also includes a 12 month guarantee! Shipping is possible within Europe!

Specifications of the Dogmill Flyer

  • Aluminium suspension frame
  • Aluminium frame
  • Adjustable bracket (high/low)
  • Dogmills wheels with bearing
  • Plastic or hardwood tread with groove
  • Moisture proof stainless steel bearings (ABEC 9)
  • Tread surface 1250×370 mm
  • Total dimension 1250x540x650 mm
  • Tinted arcylate
  • Matted black side panels
  • Finishing plates

This treadmill is very suitable for small dogs, such as a Beagle, French Bulldog or Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Custom made

We produce our Dogmills treadmills completely by ourselves in Huissen (nearby Arnhem in The Netherlands). Because we do so there is a possibility to build a mill according to your specific wishes and dimensions. The possibilities are infinite, we naturally do this in consultation with you as our client. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.