The basic principle of a treadmill for dogs is that it isn’t powered, the dog walks on the treadmill and drives the treadmill on its own. The dog can decide its own pace and the treadmill adjusts to the dog, which enables safe, natural movement. Letting your dog walk on a treadmill therefore is far less sensitive to injury than letting it walk on a powered treadmill, where the dog is forced to walk and the chance of injuries is much higher. A non-powered treadmill for dogs is safe, because the dog decides for itself how fast it wants to walk.Our treadmills for dogs are used for several different purposes, our treadmill is perfect to accommodate your dog’s energy needs beside its daily activity. The treadmill for dogs also is a perfect training instrument for a high, or low, pace. A work-out of 10 minutes on the treadmill is similar to a firm walk of approximately 1 hour.

The first time on a treadmill can be a strange experience for a dog, which is why it’s very important to approach this in a playful way. For example, let the dog gradually get used to the treadmill 5 times a day instead of finishing a full training in one go. As long as the dog isn’t forced and has a positive experience, it will continue walking on its own. Never let your dog walk on the treadmill by itself, but stay around to see how your dog responds. All of our treadmills for dogs come with a panic clasp. In case anything happens unexpectedly, this clasp can be opened with one swift movement to enable the dog to safely jump of the treadmill.

Dogs need movement to properly develop their muscles and bones and to stay fit. Mucles can be trained by walking on a treadmill or recover after an injury. This also counts for joint problems or fighting obesity.

When a dog runs this is an asymmetrical movement (the dog runs slightly aslant), which can lead more quickly to an overloading of certain joints or muscles, similar to sudden turns. While walking on a treadmill for dogs, the dog walks in a straight line which is the healthiest form of movement for a dog to attain a great stamina

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