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A dog treadmill of Dogmills is an ideal instrument to train your dog. This could be because your dog has to rehabilitate after a surgery or because you want to improve the physical fitness of your dog in preparation for a show or competition. Walking on a dog treadmill ensures that your dog can walk in a controlled and comfortable way. Check the information about a treadmill for dogs.

The Dogmill treadmill is built with quality as point of departure. A solid aluminium base ensures that the treadmill is stable and durable. The special treadmill is silent and the slats can be provided in plastic or hardwood. You can add wheels to the Dogmill which makes it easy to move around.

The Dogmills come in several different models, ranging from big to small. View which treadmill suits your dog. Treat yourself and your dog to a Dogmill!


Dogmills Trackmill

  Easy to install  Lightweight  Compact

 Dogmills Trackmill »

The Dogmills Trackmill is the ideal tool to give your dog a complete workout.

The 2 stands are 40 meters apart. The red 80m line is connected to each other as a large 40m long loop.
This loop is clamped around the 2 pullys.

You can stretch the line to the maximum by fixing the stands with the 4 ground pins.

Thanks to the solid connections, the pulley with the electric motor and the pressure switch
can be connected to the case with integrated battery.

By pressing the pressure switch, the pulley starts rotating and the red line starts to move.
The speed can be determined by yourself, depending on how often you press.

There is a piece of material on the red line that moves due to the movement of the red line.
The dog will go after this. As a result, the dog runs back and forth over a distance of 40 meters.

Dogmills stackingbox

New! The Dogmills stacking box. The Dogmills stackingbox is a solution to position your dog in a perfect posture for a podium finish in any show. The stackingbox is available in different sizes and with two options for non-slip surfaces. Now with free shipping.

Dogmills stackingbox